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Great Brunch Review!


The Boka Restaurant Group boasts some of the city’s hottest and most talked about restaurants (Girl and the Goat, Boka, GT Fish & Oyster, Landmark, and, previously, Perennial). Mid-winter, despite a constant buzz of activity, Perennial shut its doors to be reworked and re-born Perennial Virant showcasing Chef Paul Virant’s culinary skills. Virant gained a sterling reputation for his use of fresh, seasonal ingredients in contemporary American cuisine as Executive Chef of Vie in Western Springs. Virant and the Boka Group brought this same fresh food focus to Perennial Virant with outstanding results.

The carefully chosen menu options, the expertly mixed drinks, and the transparency, with which each plate is prepared, culminate in an elegant and delicious brunch experience. The menu boasts relatively few entrée items but each is prepared with an eye for perfection. Just steps away from the Green City Market, Perennial Virant seems to embody the very philosophy of farm to table dining—presenting the farm names in which the meat and produce came directly on the menu.

Should you be inspired to go, here are a few suggestions. The salmon panzanella receives a well-balanced seasoning of dill and sits atop a bed of watercress with crisp, thinly sliced bagel chips. For those with a sweet-tooth, the pecan sticky buns are amazingly light but with the delicate, honey sweetness that will send you on a sugar-rush that will fuel the rest of your day. The rosemary shortbread cookies with crème fraiche and strawberries are a must-try and wonderful as a plate to share for the table.

Perennial Virant puts as much thought and care into each glass as they do on each plate. If the rhubarb honey mimosa does not tickle your fancy, enlist the advice of the inventive man behind the bar, Matty Eggleston, who has been nationally recognized for his original alcoholic creations. If you are looking for a twist on a childhood favorite, try the vodka based dreamsicle with fresh juice and cream.


PV offers brunch 10 am to 230 pm Saturday and Sunday. The outdoor space along Lincoln Park is wonderful if the weather agrees but if the lake breeze is too forceful for a casual brunch, tables by the floor to ceiling retractable windows offer the best of both worlds. The trendy yet confortable décor will put you at ease and the food will definitely provide ample conversation pieces.


Jessica Milton

Chicago Brunch Restaurants Examiner


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